The good life: Having the health & ability to engage in a meaningful and productive life with passion.

BROC & BELLS (short for Broccoli & Dumbbells) brings authentic, passionate, driven and thoughtful individuals together for the good life - the greater good.

It is based on the simple fact that humans are inherently social; that we need to forge deep connections and build strong relationships for our wellbeing.


Find Your SweatBuddy with the Broc & Bells platform.

  • SweatBuddy Hangout: select your spot. select your buddy. Meet up at gyms both of you are interested in
  • SweatBuddy Match: chosen just for you. Let our algorithm assisted service find you the perfect buddy

Broc & Bells is re-envisioning the whole concept of networking. Where you, who choose to live the good life, can expand your social and professional network over healthier experiences - with Broc & Bells.