OUR PURPOSE: why we do what we do

In a world that is so connected online and yet disengaged in real life, our desire is to bring communities of people from different backgrounds and perspectives, together for the greater good. We want to build a social buffer against the stressors that prevent us from living the good life (HOW?). To encourage a sustainable adoption of a modern wellness lifestyle that allows YOU to maximize your potential and to chase your dreams and passions wholly.


We want you to experience what it is like to be fully present and alive. To be part of the catalyst driving change in the way society connects with one another - to encourage face-to-face interactions and shape a healthier and truly connected world that’s better for everyone, in real life.


Social relationships are treasured and a cornerstone of any meaningful community. Being part of the community is contributing to the positive peer pressure, to support one another and to spread the message of health & wellbeing - beyond the community.

To be part of something bigger than yourself!


Everyone has their own personal health journeys to traverse.

You fully acknowledge and honor your individual identity - your strengths, flaws and vulnerability. At the same time, you desire a space of complete acceptance and understanding, where everyone is able to contribute in their own way, however big or small. You value real life connections and believe in the need to bring communities of different backgrounds and perspectives together, to better the social well-being of the collective.

Are you ready to connect?