Broc & Bells Play-offs 2018

Union of go getters. Go hard or pack it up. Let's PLAY OFF!

120 players. 12 teams. 4 fringe activities*.

1 CHAMPION to take it all home.

Inspired by "Working Out is Wall Street's New Steak Dinner", the Broc & Bells Play-offs is bringing driven communities, corporates, startups across the island together, in the spirit of friendly competition.

Healthy employees, healthy bottomline.

Introducing SweatWorking, where you get to network and bond with your team over fitness. Connecting with no hangovers - explore the alternative and efficient way to meet new friends or professional contacts.

Play-off in a series of workouts in selected boutique fitness studios. Think indoor cycling, HIIT, and more.


Registration closes Tue, 27th Feb.

Questions? Please email [email protected] or WhatsApp: +65 8748 2519



2 knockout rounds. 1 time-based challenge. 1 finale.
Week starting 26th Feb: 1st round play-offs at partner studios (12 teams, 6 move on to 2nd round). Available time slots - Wed, 28th Feb 6:30pm; Fri, 2 Mar 5:30pm
Week starting 5th Mar: 2nd round play-offs at partner studios (6 teams, 3 move on to semi-finals)
Fri, 16th Mar: Semi-Finals @ CrossFit Tanjong Pagar (3 teams, 2 move on to finale)
Sun, 18th Mar: Finale at Camp Kilo Charcoal Club
Experience a day of social connections, food, drinks, music and fitness from all partner studios & more!

To knock out the competing team at each round, it could be:

  • A time-based challenge (ie. fastest team to complete circuit workout gets through)
  • Based on max reps of circuit in a set amount of time
  • Based on points scored via partner studio's heart rate measurement system

This depends on the studio allocated for your round. Balloting will be conducted to allocate spots. Exact studio location will be revealed 1 day before the actual session (all studios are within walking distance around Singapore's CBD).

Please note that both the semi-finals and the finale at Camp Kilo Charcoal Club will be time-based challenges / circuits.

Things to note:

*Minimum 6 per team; at least 2 female players

  • Registration fee per team: S$200 for the entire team
  • Access to at least 5 sweat sessions & finale (assume knockout during 1st round)
  • Limited edition Broc & Bells goodie bag for 1st 48 sign ups
  • Fringe activities include^: Beerga
  • Receive goodies from our amazing partners like lululemon


^Availability based on a 1st come 1st serve basis.

Any questions? Please email [email protected] or WhatsApp: +65 8748 2519

"People are time-strapped, they don’t have four hours to hit the golf course, or two hours for a boozy meal. Plus, they want to do something good for themselves, and get networking out of it."


About Broc & Bells:

Short for Broccoli & Dumbbells, is a social wellbeing platform matching you with your best-ever SweatBuddy! Find your SweatBuddy by meeting up at gyms and healthy spots both of you are interested in ("SweatBuddy Hangout") OR let our algorithm assisted matching service find you the perfect buddy ("SweatBuddy Match").

The overarching goal of Broc & Bells is to encourage authentic human-led interactions and healthy social connections among individuals. This is targeted at the broader topic of loneliness, where individuals are increasingly feeling disconnected in this 'hyperconnected' society, leading to problems such as mental health issues.